Looking for an alternative streaming method? Tired of blocky videos and metallic audio? Look no further: StreamPlug, the H264/MPEG4/OGG streaming player is for you.

Download StreamPlug
  • Very quick to install (Apprx 1mn)
  • Delivers high quality video and audio with instant fullscreen
  • Offers multiple advanced options: subtitles, aspect ratio, live recording and more...
  • Provides fun and excitement


Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Seamonkey

Installation instuctions: Simply download our StreamPlug Installer to your desktop using one of the links above. Once your download is complete, double click the StreamPlug Installer icon and follow the steps.

Free. Safe. Efficient.

Got StreamPlug?
Visit to see it in action now:

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